Demand-driven radio

September 27, 2015

Building the capacity of farm radio to meet farmers’ needs

Over the past few years, Farm Radio International has worked closely with select radio stations in Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and Malawi, building broadcasters’ skills in participatory radio. This project seeks to increase the capacity of these radio stations so they can provide reliable, timely and consistent interactive radio programming that meets the needs of listeners.
The focus is on long-term engagement to develop the capacity of eight radio stations to provide quality programming, with support provided to four additional long-term partners of FRI. These stations will be airing programming such as Participatory Radio Campaigns (PRCs) (short radio campaigns that help farmers to make an informed decision about implementing a new agricultural practice) and regular farmer programming, with a focus on skills for business planning and sustainability.
This project is a continuation of the “Developing ongoing demand-led interactive farm radio services” project, underway with the generous support of Irish Aid.
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