Climate resilience

September 26, 2015

Scaling up resilience to climate changes

Frequent droughts, floods, deforestation and other shocks exacerbated by climate change are affecting the harvest of small-scale farmers. Longer dry seasons and severe flooding have drastically reduced cereal production in Niger and Mali, contributing to widespread and chronic food shortages.
Radio partners in the Gao region of Mali and the Tillabery region of Niger will be airing Participatory Radio Campaigns (PRCs), mini-dramas and interactive radio programming to address climate changes and build the resiliency of farmers. A PRC is a carefully designed radio program that allows farmers to learn about, discuss and evaluate an agricultural practice or improvement before providing information for implementation. A PRC can start a conversation, improve knowledge and encourage adoption of new techniques to face the challenges of climate change.
This project is made possible with funding from UKAid’s BRACED fund.
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